Small acts, when done by many, create big change.

It does not take much to be kind, but it is worth making a commitment. Whether you make a personal pledge, or become a partner, you can do at least one kind act a day to make the world a happier and healthier place. That would be powerful.

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  • one kind act a day billboard
  • one kind act a day billboard

Kindness Matters

Voices from our Community

In only a few short months, the Semnani Foundation has united local organizations, religious leaders, and even politicians under a common theme—that Kindness is something we can all get behind. Hear from local business leaders and respected clergy to discover that we can all agree on kindness.

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“One Kind Act a Day” Day in Utah

Partner Organizations

Committed to Kindness

It can sometimes seem like there is too much gloom in the world, but there are also amazing people who have pledged to do incredible GOOD. These are just a few of the organizations who reached out to us and pledged to make a daily act of kindness part of their mission.

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Recent Articles

Real Humans. Real Stories.

Shine a Light On Kindness

Kindness happens every day, and it’s always worth celebrating. Get inspired by real stories of kindness, shared by real people from all over the world.

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Why Kindness Matters.

One kind act can inspire others. It doesn’t have to be complex — it could be a small hello to your neighbor having a bad day or a simple thank you to a store clerk. Imagine the positive impact we’d have if we were kind to people we don’t even know. All it takes is one kind act a day.