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Kindness happens every day, and it’s always worth celebrating. Get your daily dose of uplifting news, and get inspired by real stories from people whose lives have been touched by simple acts of selflessness.

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Some say good news is hard to find. We say it’s time to start shining a spotlight on all the good things people do for one another every day, all over the world.

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Thoughts on Kindness

We asked everyday people to share their thoughts on the power of kindness, and how it has impacted their day-to-day lives.

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Got an inspiring story about how kindness has made a difference in your life? Whether you were on the giving end or the receiving end, we’d love to hear it!

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Today is “National Day of Giving” and what a better way to celebrate than by doing a “Kind Act”! The “Day of Giving” was created to encourage people to turn their focuses away from the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and instead give back to the community and those in need. Consider donating clothes, food, or your time to your favorite charity as your “One Kind Act” on this “Day of Giving”. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #givingtuesday #dayofgiving

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The full clip is on TikTok, it hit me hard today thinking about my personal experience saving someone from suicide❤️ I’m a hyper empath too so Incould feel everything in this video #suicideawarenessday #winterdepression #hyperempathie #checkonyourstrongfriends #checkonyourpeople #suicideprevention #onekindact #onekindheart

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Happy World Kindness Day, Trailblazers!! We are teaming up with onekindactday to spread kindness. Get ideas from Brooks on how to perform one kind act a day. #worldkindnessday

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Today especially we are grateful for the 650+ individuals / partners who have joined our mission by taking the Kindness Pledge and the many others strengthening our community of kindness by doing “One Kind Act a Day.” We are grateful for your support and “kind acts”. Thank you.

What are you grateful for today?

#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory #givethanks #happythanksgivng

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Leland Nielson one kind thought for the day: People treat you bad it’s because their looking at themselves and reflecting that on you.

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Happy 4th of July, Trailblazers!! “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” See you all tonight in Greater Zion stadium‼️

Learn more at the link in our profile. 🤳#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #utahtechuniversity

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Want to give thanks during this Thanksgiving holiday? Start by creating a gratitude journal. Writing down the things you are grateful for is a “Kind Act” you can do for yourself that will give you a more positive outlook and help you appreciate those who have shown you kindness. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory #givethanks #thanksgiving

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Have a friend who’s sick, just had a baby, or is nervous about finals? Show your love and support through a “Kind Act” by cooking (or ordering) them something yummy to lift their spirits.

#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory

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When One Kind Act first launched Alisha’s Bright Start Scholarship Programme almost 2 years back (4 Jan 2021), we set ourselves a target of enrolling 100 highly academic but sadly underprivileged children in India onto the Programme who otherwise would have no chance of breaking out of the poverty cycle they find themselves in.

Amazingly we have enrolled 97 Students!!!

With only just around a month to go, please help us reach our target!

Learn more- click on my bio on my page okacharity
yuva_unstoppable ☺️

#onekindact #education #makeadifference #kindness #help #support #charity

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One Kind Act a Day. I love this campaign created by the Semnani Family Foundation and being a part of the launch was such an honor. Well done on such a powerful event lovecommslc and such beautiful messages govcox slcmayor impactmentalhealth. I believe in the magic of kindness, I believe it has the ability to shift energy, to raise the vibration of the collective and the potential to heal. I choose kind. ✨
#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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💫The ripple effects continue as the ‘Shooting Star movement’ keeps evolving as children stop and appreciate in gratitude a star quality they see and acknowledge within their family, friends and others in their lives.

✨It’s not only a kindness movement , but leadership training as we learn to see and acknowledge the gifts and qualities in those around us.

📚Here is a recent illustration of a child who gave shooting stars to her family.

🌏💫You can start this movement today and in the holidays as we celebrate the release of the junior version of ‘A Shooting Star’ this Sunday.
Get your special launch discount and tokens you can use for $25 + postage.
Link in bio

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Monday mornings can be tough. As your One Kind Act, surprise your coworkers / classmates with donuts or bagels for a pick-me-up to start the day. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Take a moment to remember, honor, and celebrate our veterans as your One Kind Act on this special day.
#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory #veteransday #VeteransDay

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Sometimes kindness is as simple as showing interest in someone’s life. Ask your coworkers, or classmates today about their weekend and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new about them or discover a shared hobby. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory

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Texting is easy, but a phone call will always mean more to your parents and grandparents. Give them a ring just to say hello for your One Kind Act today. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory

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See someone else doing a kind act? Acknowledge it! It’s all about paying it forward and spreading kindness

Want more “kindness” tips? Check out the “daily prompts” page on our website to find inspiration for your next kind act.

#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory #acknowlegethegood

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Kind acts don’t have to be a big, organized project. They can happen through small moments that inspire you throughout your day. Be on the lookout for those subtle moments that inspire you to be kind and share your story with us! #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory

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Since becoming a Partner, Westminster College and One Kind Act A Day have already worked together on several projects to help promote and spread kindness. Partner with One Kind Act A Day and find out how we can work together to promote and inspire kindness within your organization and community. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #becomeapartner

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Small acts when done by many create big change. Has someone done a small kind act that created a big change in your life? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory

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Its simple. Kind acts are selfless gestures done with good intention. Have you done one kind act today?
#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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