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Kindness happens every day, and it’s always worth celebrating. Get your daily dose of uplifting news, and get inspired by real stories from people whose lives have been touched by simple acts of selflessness.

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Some say good news is hard to find. We say it’s time to start shining a spotlight on all the good things people do for one another every day, all over the world.

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We asked everyday people to share their thoughts on the power of kindness, and how it has impacted their day-to-day lives.

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Got an inspiring story about how kindness has made a difference in your life? Whether you were on the giving end or the receiving end, we’d love to hear it!

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Leland Nielson you are so missed each and every second of each day.

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Trolley Square is excited to partner this year’s Easter Event with One Kind Act a Day to not only make this a fun event for our community but help give back to our community!
We can't wait to see you all again this year!

For more information, go to our Facebook event page by clicking the link in our bio!

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We are excited to be partnering with Trolley Square for their Easter Event this year. This will be a fun & “Kind” event for our community with exciting activities, dance parties, and “Kindness Stations”. Hope to see you all there!

#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #trolleysquare #easter2023 #easterevent

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Watch how our School Transformation Program, in partnership with okacharity , brought smiles to the faces of thousands of students across India in 2022! Together, we transformed schools and ignited a love for learning in young hearts. Let's continue to spread the power of education and make a difference in the lives of these future leaders! #YuvaUnstoppable #OneKindAct #EducationForAll #charity #charitywork #charityevent #donate #giveback #givingback #nonprofit #volunteer #fundraise #kindness #philanthropy #education

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Happy World Kindness Day, Trailblazers!! We are teaming up with onekindactday to spread kindness. Get ideas from Brooks on how to perform one kind act a day. #worldkindnessday

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Happy 4th of July, Trailblazers!! “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” See you all tonight in Greater Zion stadium‼️

Learn more at the link in our profile. 🤳#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #utahtechuniversity

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Its international women’s day! Celebrate accordingly by showing the women in your life a little extra kindness and appreciation today. Have you done “One Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #internationalwomensday

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If you see someone struggling with heavy grocery bags, offer to help carry them to their car or into their house. Have you done “One Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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One Kind Act a Day. I love this campaign created by the Semnani Family Foundation and being a part of the launch was such an honor. Well done on such a powerful event lovecommslc and such beautiful messages govcox slcmayor impactmentalhealth. I believe in the magic of kindness, I believe it has the ability to shift energy, to raise the vibration of the collective and the potential to heal. I choose kind. ✨
#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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There’s still time! Join One Kind Act a Day, Granite Education Foundation and KUTV's Souper Bowl of Caring! We’ll match donations up to $5,000 through today.
Help minimize the impact of child hunger by donating to today! #kindacts #tacklehunger #donate #granitekids #onekindactaday #souperbowlofcaring #kutv2news #thepowerofkind

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Small acts of kindness, when done by many, can lead to BIG change. One Kind Act a Day has committed to match all donations as part of KUTV's Souper Bowl of Caring (up to $5,000) made to the Granite Education Foundation through Monday, February 13th. Donate today! #kindacts #tacklehunger #donate #granitekids #onekindactaday #souperbowlofcaring #kutv2news #thepowerofkind

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We will matching all donations to till Monday night! Donate today! #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #donate #kutv2news #souperbowlofcaring #graniteschooldistrict #graniteeducationfoundation

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As part of KUTV's Souper Bowl of Caring, One Kind Act a Day is challenging schools in the Granite School District to come together to help fight child hunger. One Kind Act a Day has committed to match all donations (up to $5,000) made to the Granite Education Foundation through Monday, February 13th. Donations can be made by visiting or the link in our story / highlights. Help us fight child hunger by donating today! #kindacts #tacklehunger #donate #granitekids #onekindactaday #souperbowlofcaring #kutv2news #thepowerofkind

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Tune in to KUTV 2News tonight at 10PM to find out how One Kind Act a Day, Granite Education Foundation and KUTV's Souper Bowl of Caring are coming together to help minimize the impact of hunger on Granite School District students. #tacklehunger #souperbowlofcaring #kutv2news #granitekids #donate #thepowerofkind #onekindactaday #kindacts

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Brighten someone’s day with a small anonymous gift. It doesn’t have to cost you much– it just needs to come from the heart. Have you done “One Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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Working toward goals isn’t easy. Show someone that you notice their growth by acknowledging and complimenting the progress they’ve made. Have you done a “Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #acknowledgegrowth

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The spirit of generosity has a way of gaining momentum and spreading from one person to another. Call it a chain reaction of kindness. Keep the chain of “Kind Acts” going by inviting your friends and family members to join you in your next “Act of Kindness”. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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Want to add a furry friend to your family? Adopt, don’t shop. Animal shelters are full of sweet dogs and cats who need a loving forever home. Have you done “One Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #adoptdontshop #kindacts

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Have you seen the little library boxes around your neighborhood? Help someone find their new favorite book or learn something new by donating books you’ve already read or no longer want. Have you done “One Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #donatebooks

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As you reflect on this past year and the year to come, make doing just “One Kind Act a Day” a part of your New Year’s resolutions. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #resolutions #newyear

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This time of year is for getting together to spend time with friends and family. Reach out to those who may not be able to see their loved ones during the holidays to spread joy and kindness to them. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #reachout #christmas

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