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About Us

Kindness has incredible power. Our world, our communities, our families, and even our personal health will benefit from the smallest acts of Kindness.

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Kindness Matters

Making kindness a daily habit.

The Semnani Family Foundation created the One Kind Act a Day initiative because small acts of kindness, when done by many, can lead to big change. At the heart of this vision is the idea that kindness has the power to change our lives and our world for the better. Our communities, our families, and even our personal health can all benefit from making kindness a daily habit.

One Kind Act a Day is intended to inspire and enable people everywhere to commit to one act of kindness every single day. Not only do both the giver and the recipient benefit from daily acts of selflessness—the spirit of generosity has a way of gaining momentum and spreading from one person to another. Call it a chain reaction of kindness.

Our goal is to honor, recognize, and celebrate the inherent good in people, and to cultivate one of the most important gifts of all—our faith in humanity, and our belief in a better, kinder future for all people, all over the world.

Why your pledge and partnership matters.

By partnering with individuals, businesses, schools, faiths, and other organizations, we’re working to promote The Power of Kind by encouraging everyone to perform just One Kind Act a Day. Because when one act of kindness becomes another, and another, and another—imagine the impact we can make around the nation and around the world.