Check Your Blind Spots on the Road and Off

“To err on the side of kindness is seldom an error.”

-Liz Armbruster
Recently, my 16-year-old was in a small car accident. She had only been driving about a month and a half when it happened. We got in the car the day after Christmas and headed off to McDonald’s to meet up with some friends that were visiting from out of state. As my daughter was checking her blind spot to change lanes, the traffic in front of us stopped at the intersection and she hit the car in front of us. We were all a little rattled, especially her, and she began to cry and worry about the repercussions.

As we got out of the car, assessed the damage, and exchanged information the driver of the other car could tell how upset my daughter was. The woman driving the other car talked calmly, reassured my daughter that everything was going to be okay and even gave her an unexpected hug. Because that other driver took the time to read the situation and decided to remain calm, she changed the whole vibe of the incident.

It was very selfless and a wonderful example of kindness in a situation that could have been tense and nasty. Afterall, we were at fault and were the ones causing extra stress to someone minding their own business at a red light. I’m thankful for the situation becoming a good learning experience and that there are good people all around us.

-Holly R
A Grateful Passenger