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By pledging to perform one kind act every day, you’re taking an important step toward better health, deeper relationships, and making the world a kinder, happier place.


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What is the price of commitment?

This is not a monetary pledge. There is no price of admission or membership fees. The ask is simple—will you perform one act of kindness a day? Your investment is your time and effort, and in return you allow the power of kindness to transform your world. Your pledge, united with thousands of others, is how this transformation happens. Want to know more? Read the manifesto, or watch the video posted below.

The Power of Kindness

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Make an act of kindness a daily habit.

When you take the kindness pledge, you are joining thousands of others who want to make a daily habit in their lives. While adding your name is the easy part, following through may need some prompting. We have provided a crowd-sourced list of ideas of things you can do to make kindness part of your everyday life. Take a look, and check back often if you need a boost.

Kindness Ideas by Category

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Join the 16 people who have already pledged their commitment to performing one kind act every day. Simply add your name to the list to support our manifesto. We will not distribute or sell your information to any third party. See our privacy policy for othe questions.

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