Middle Age Readers

Are you a teenager looking for something uplifting to read? Or an educator seeking to teach kindness in the classroom? Or a parent trying to share good morals with your kids? Or just a kid at heart looking for uplifting books on kindness?

Check out our collection of books for middle readers. Here is a list of our favorites!

Your Pal Fred, by Michael Rex

In a Mad-Max Lite apocalyptic world two scavengers accidentally wake up a robot Fred, a children’s toy from a long-lost era with the purpose of being a friend. Fred’s undying positivity and unconditional kindness are a needed infusion in a world where hostility is the norm and people think you have to be mean to survive.

A lot of children’s books can be heavy-handed in their message, but “My Pal Fred” is able to sneak profound messages of kindness into a humorous and colorful story. While Fred travels, he shares kindness in his actions and words. Often rewarding others with a sticker and changing how they viewed themselves and others. Things aren’t always easy for Fred, but he is able to make big changes as he encourages people to be kind.

Michael Rex’s dedication at the beginning of the book says, “To my father, who was, above all, kind.” You can see the lessons this stellar dad taught his son permeate this entertaining and uplifting book.

Your Pal Fred: Low Power, by Michael Rex

Our favorite post-apocalyptic peacemaker is back. His fame has spread far and wide as one who can reconcile the irreconcilable and bring kindness to the world. People seek him out to help with disputes. However, Fred is malfunctioning. The pollution in the sky blocks the sun so his solar-powered robot body is running low on power, hence the name.

With the reappearance of a familiar friend from the first book Fred goes to find the sun and, on his way, he solves a conflict between monsters made of literal trash and the citizens of Suntop. With all the humor and subtlety of the first book the reader learns lessons on kindness and understanding. It was refreshing to see that not everyone listens to Fred’s ideas on kindness, and they weren’t always willing to accept them. Being kind, while being the right thing to do, isn’t accepted by everyone. However, Fred bravely and optimistically goes about doing good and making a difference in the world.

Rex’s illustrations are humorous and bright and his story shines enough to power Fred’s ailing batteries. We hope to see more of Fred in the future.

Go Be Kind, by Leon Logothetis

A journal, a workbook, a series of adventures. That is what this book is. Leon Logothetis, the host of “The Kindness Diaries” on Discovery Plus, was a finance professional in England who gave up everything to travel the road with kindness. His many experiences led to him creating this book with ideas and challenges to live kinder.

Full of cute illustrations and handwritten font there are 28 1/2 challenges to be kinder in our lives, just enough to last the month of February, even on a Leap Year. Some are fun, like creating and leaving notes for people. Some are scary, like playing “phone roulette” or scrolling through your contacts and calling whoever it lands on. All are uplifting and help one to reflect on kindness and act on it in our lives.

Get a copy, get a pen, and start your adventure.

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