Kindness Is Magic

I have always said that if you are full of love and kindness, there isn’t anything else you need.  

When I reflect on any regular day, I often ask myself, “How did I act today? Was I kind? Did I help someone in need?” If I wasn’t kind or helpful that day, I don’t feel great. Doing something kind not only helps the person in need but lifts my spirit too. That feeling of joy then touches every other person I encounter. If we could just think of kindness spreading like the Coronavirus, our world, our hate, our aggressive behaviors, all of it would change to love. It would change to acceptance, peace, and lots of kindness.  

Tomorrow I will strive to be more aware of my surroundings. Maybe there will be an elderly lady who needs help to step up the curb. Maybe I’ll see a run-away grocery cart that I can stop before it hits someone’s car and ruins their day. Or maybe I’ll have the simple opportunity to smile at someone who’s having a tough time. Even the small things make a big difference. 

I met a man at lunch the other day. He approached me to say “hi” simply because he was in a good mood. I became instant friends with him and his darling wife. He brought up how important it is to be kind and how we all have the opportunity to change someone’s perspective just by showing them kindness. He had a lot of great stories, most about using his humor to make people laugh. I truly believe that meeting him while contemplating this blog post was a serendipitous occurrence. Toward the end of our visit, he said, “If you can do something to make someone happy, you should do it. Even if it just brings them a smile.” (Ralph Adams) And I could not agree with him more.  

I love to compliment people and watch their faces blush and turn into a smile. I love to wave happily at the person driving the car that cut me off instead of honking and flipping the bird. If I see someone struggling because they are holding a baby and trying to multitask, I offer my help. There is no shame and no embarrassment. Just pure joy for everyone involved. Sometimes it almost seems selfish because it feels SO satisfying to be helpful and kind, but ultimately, I know that there’s something beautiful about lifting both yourself and others through taking action. 

I will continue to spread love and show kindness. I hope the desire for others to do the same will grow in them. With our efforts, the world will continue to be a better, more positive place. Kindness is magic.  

Tiffany H.