Utah’s Official Day of Kindness

April 12th is Utah’s official day of kindness. One Kind Act a Day, a project by the Semnani Family Foundation, is pleased to announce that the concurrent resolution (https://le.utah.gov/~2023/bills/static/SCR008.html)  was passed by the Utah Legislature, making April 12th “One Kind Act a Day”-Day, the official day of kindness in the state of Utah.

one kind act a day billboard (replacement)

One Kind Act a Day inspires and encourages Utahns to commit to doing one act of kindness every single day. By spreading kindness out into the community, the aim is to strengthen our lives, our families and our communities, not only creating a positive impact in Utah but throughout the nation, and around the world. Visit https://thepowerofkind.org/pledge/ and take the kindness pledge.