It’s a single smile…
…a thoughtful word…
…a small, unexpected gesture.

Whatever the act may be, it’s something we call “kindness.”

Yet sometimes in such a chaotic world, people forget the power that kindness holds.

It can brighten a moment…
…lift someone’s spirits …
…turn a bad day into a good story.

Kindness can make someone’s week…or month… or year.

Kindness can restore faith in humanity. And – some say – it can even make us healthier. All with a simple, small, perhaps unseen or anonymous act.

So… think about this: What would happen if a small act of kindness sparked another small act of kindness and then another and another and another?

What if kindness became contagious.

And all the small gestures, done by many, would make an impact felt around the nation. Around the world.

Imagine that power.

And all it takes is just One Kind Act A Day.

Take the Kindness Pledge here and join our community that is committed to doing one kind act every day.