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Whether you’re an individual or part of a larger organization, you can help spread the word about the power of kindness. From pledging your support to planning an event, every action helps build momentum toward a kinder, better world.

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Brighten someone’s day with a small anonymous gift. It doesn’t have to cost you much– it just needs to come from the heart. Have you done “One Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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"Having being blessed with the opportunity of free education, I always wanted to give back to someone who did not have this opportunity. Alisha’s Bright Start programme gave me this opportunity and I was lucky to be allocated Rashmi Pandey as my sponsored child. Meeting Rashmi was sheer joy. This child at 16 is so focused and determined to being a engineer that she studies 7 days a week. She does not indulge in tv or social outings but instead goes to further study groups to insure she is always ahead of her syllabus. I was filled with pride in meeting her and assured her that I would fully support her in realising her dream to be a Technical Engineer. My Thanks to OKA & Alisha’s BSP for this introduction and opportunity to make a difference in Rashmi’s educational journey." – MEENA

Learn more about Alisha's Bright Start Programme here – https://onekindact.org/events/alisha-s-bright-start-programme

#onekindact #brightstart #charity #india #education

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Happy World Kindness Day, Trailblazers!! We are teaming up with onekindactday to spread kindness. Get ideas from Brooks on how to perform one kind act a day. #worldkindnessday

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Leland Nielson one kind thought for the day. No matter who you are, stop judge others for your own pleasure. Let go of your petty “ if I can’t have it neither can you” crap be happy for those who have found true love , because if you stop being jealous of others you might find your own. There is enough for everyone. When other succeed so do you.

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Happy 4th of July, Trailblazers!! “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” See you all tonight in Greater Zion stadium‼️

Learn more at the link in our profile. 🤳#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #utahtechuniversity

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Working toward goals isn’t easy. Show someone that you notice their growth by acknowledging and complimenting the progress they’ve made. Have you done a “Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #acknowledgegrowth

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"Kindness is often overlooked but it has the power to change lives. Let's spread love and positivity today."


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The spirit of generosity has a way of gaining momentum and spreading from one person to another. Call it a chain reaction of kindness. Keep the chain of “Kind Acts” going by inviting your friends and family members to join you in your next “Act of Kindness”. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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One Kind Act a Day. I love this campaign created by the Semnani Family Foundation and being a part of the launch was such an honor. Well done on such a powerful event lovecommslc and such beautiful messages govcox slcmayor impactmentalhealth. I believe in the magic of kindness, I believe it has the ability to shift energy, to raise the vibration of the collective and the potential to heal. I choose kind. ✨
#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Want to add a furry friend to your family? Adopt, don’t shop. Animal shelters are full of sweet dogs and cats who need a loving forever home. Have you done “One Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #adoptdontshop #kindacts

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Have you seen the little library boxes around your neighborhood? Help someone find their new favorite book or learn something new by donating books you’ve already read or no longer want. Have you done “One Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #donatebooks

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As you reflect on this past year and the year to come, make doing just “One Kind Act a Day” a part of your New Year’s resolutions. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #resolutions #newyear

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This time of year is for getting together to spend time with friends and family. Reach out to those who may not be able to see their loved ones during the holidays to spread joy and kindness to them. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts #reachout #christmas

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Whether it’s a young child or someone visually impaired, giving the gift of a good story is always a great idea and a “Kind act”. #onekindactaday #powerofkind #kindacts #hanukkah

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During the holiday season delivery drivers have chaotic schedules as they help Santa make sure everyone receives their gifts. Show your appreciation through a “Kind Act” by leaving a small gift or card for them to say thank you. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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When you are in a rush, sometimes small acts of kindness can go a long way. Help someone you live, work, or go to school with by brushing off the snow on their car to make their day a little easier. Have you done a “Kind Act” today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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Life can be stressful especially around the holidays. If you see that your partner or a family member has a lot on their plate, do a “Kind Act” for them like taking out the garbage or emptying the dishwasher so they don’t have to worry about it. Have you done a kind act today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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Do you have a friend or family member who’s taking a trip soon? As a “Kind Act”, give them peace of mind and offer to look after their place, plants and/or pet(s) when they’re out of town. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #kindacts

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Shoveling snow is a pain, especially first thing in the morning. Next time there’s a snowstorm, shovel a neighbor’s driveway / sidewalk to help them have a better morning. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory

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Today is “National Day of Giving” and what a better way to celebrate than by doing a “Kind Act”! The “Day of Giving” was created to encourage people to turn their focuses away from the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and instead give back to the community and those in need. Consider donating clothes, food, or your time to your favorite charity as your “One Kind Act” on this “Day of Giving”. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #givingtuesday #dayofgiving

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Today especially we are grateful for the 650+ individuals / partners who have joined our mission by taking the Kindness Pledge and the many others strengthening our community of kindness by doing “One Kind Act a Day.” We are grateful for your support and “kind acts”. Thank you.

What are you grateful for today?

#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory #givethanks #happythanksgivng

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Want to give thanks during this Thanksgiving holiday? Start by creating a gratitude journal. Writing down the things you are grateful for is a “Kind Act” you can do for yourself that will give you a more positive outlook and help you appreciate those who have shown you kindness. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory #givethanks #thanksgiving

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Have a friend who’s sick, just had a baby, or is nervous about finals? Show your love and support through a “Kind Act” by cooking (or ordering) them something yummy to lift their spirits.

#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory

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Monday mornings can be tough. As your One Kind Act, surprise your coworkers / classmates with donuts or bagels for a pick-me-up to start the day. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Take a moment to remember, honor, and celebrate our veterans as your One Kind Act on this special day.
#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #shareyourstory #veteransday #VeteransDay

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