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Its simple. Kind acts are selfless gestures done with good intention. Have you done one kind act today?
#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Tritonal + Austin, Texas
Facts about Tritonal:
🎵 Global artists
🌎 Been all around the world  
🙌🏼 Talented AF
Beyond that, that’s where the special resides. There are down-to-earth and kind AF. Music has gotten me out of brutal moments that were entirely blacked out by my fear, insecurities, and trauma laced with negativity everywhere I looked. Music inspires, and all you have to do is listen to one of their songs, and you’ll feel kindness through their creative lens.
Do you want hope and inspiration? Fast-forward my life, and now I’m talking to these incredible people who listened to my story and gave it space, and Tritonal and lizzy_land is ALL about kindness. Believe in yourself and realize the energy that will be there this Saturday night in Austin, Texas.
So if you are in Austin this Saturday, come hang out with me and these fine human beings. The show will be incredible, and Tritonia 400 will be one for the books! Don’t miss this SHEET!
Where: theconcourseproject 
tritonal (link to tickets in their bio)
Limited tickets are available!
📸 by kablevideo
#perfectlyimperfect #kindness #kindnessmatters #onekindactaday #tritonal #tritonia400 #bpm #electronicmusic #edm #edc #davidguetta #titanium #trance #austintexas #realmusicevents #concourseproject #texasedm #austin360 #do512 #community #keepaustinweird #🎵

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Happy 4th of July, Trailblazers!! “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” See you all tonight in Greater Zion stadium‼️

Learn more at the link in our profile. 🤳#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind #utahtechuniversity

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Remember the power of three, what you put out comes back to you x3 , be it positive or negative. So make sure to be kind to those around you, may it be bug, reptiles , furry friend or human.
Leland Nielsonbe kind thought of the day.

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Be kind to your community and #shoplocal.

#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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(This may be my first PSA)

We have sadly all seen an increase in distracted driving but I would also say complacent driving. Life moves fast and sometimes we switch to autopilot but this should NEVER be done behind the wheel of a vehicle.

I am a bicycle commuter and this past Friday a motorist, leaving their neighborhood, rolled through their stop sign not seeing me in the bicycle lane, neon yellow vest and strobe light flashing. I had to lock up my brakes and narrowly avoided a horrific crash. If the worst would have happened, that drivers life would have been forever changed as well.

Street signs, traffic lights and lane lines are there for everyone’s safety. We must not let life get so fast that we bring others lives to a crashing halt. Let’s keep our streets safe for everyone, everyday!

#Kindness911 #KindnessCitation #OneKindAct

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One Kind Act a Day. I love this campaign created by the Semnani Family Foundation and being a part of the launch was such an honor. Well done on such a powerful event lovecommslc and such beautiful messages govcox slcmayor impactmentalhealth. I believe in the magic of kindness, I believe it has the ability to shift energy, to raise the vibration of the collective and the potential to heal. I choose kind. ✨
#onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Cooking someone dinner can cheer anyone up, especially if they are sick or struggling. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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How have you been kind today? #thepowerofkind #onekindactaday

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At the laundromat? Take a load off of someone else! Make someone’s day and pay for a load. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Do any of your friends or family members have birthdays today? #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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@utahtechu and St. George community leaders invite all Utahns to participate in one act of kindness a day! #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Share your story of kindness today in the comments below! #thepowerofkind #onekindactaday

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Kindness has the power to change the world. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Looking for a simple way to be kind? Give a shout out to a local business. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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“Kindness is the foundation upon which all meaningful work is built” #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Make a list of simple ways to be kind. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Whatever your act of kindness looks like, making it a part of your daily routine makes the world a better place. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Be kind to the environment. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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By pledging to perform one kind act every day, you’re taking an important step toward better health, deeper relationships, and making the world a kinder place. Take the pledge in the link in bio ! #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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Take a moment today to call a friend or family member and tell them you love them. A simple act of kindness can make someone’s day. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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One kind act a day is all it takes to boost your mood, raise someone’s spirits, and inspire others to carry on the chain of selflessness. Make someone smile with a random act of kindness. #onekindactaday #thepowerofkind

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What kind act have you done today? #thepowerofkind #onekindactaday

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You can never have too much kindness- which is why we’re building an ever growing coalition of partner organizations that are committed to creating a kinder, better world. #thepowerofkind #onekindactaday

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Opportunities for kindness are everywhere. #thepowerofkind #onekindactaday

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